Oak Newel Cap To Fit Newel Post Cladding Set

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235mm x 107mm235mm x 107mm70mm x 35mm70mm x 35mm70mm x 70mm70mm x 70mm85mm x 43mm85mm x 43mm85mm x 85mm85mm x 85mm90mm x 45mm90mm x 45mm90mm x 90mm90mm x 90mm95mm x 48mm95mm x 48mm95mm x 95mm95mm x 95mm

Oak Newel Cap To Fit Newel Post Cladding Set

Existing post size   &    Post size after cladding                                        Oak Newel Cap To Fit Newel Post Cladding Set                                                     
70 x 70 mm   &    94 x 94 mm 110 x 110 mm
85 x 85 mm   &    109 x 109 mm 125 x 125 mm
90 x 90 mm   &   114 x 114 mm 130 x 130 mm
95 x 95 mm   &   119 x 119 mm

Double size Newel up to 235 x 107 mm   &   250 x 120 mm

135 x 135 mm

270 x 150 mm

Newel Cap

Thickness: 20 mm

Finish: pencil round 6 mm to all corners 6

Important – Double size Newel Post Cap up to 270 x 150 mm comes straight cut with no pencil round finish on the corners. To achieve a matching design please use a pencil round router bit 6mm.

Size supplied to suit the new newel post dimensions.

Please note the oak elements are untreated and will require lacquering/oiling.

Wooden elements may contain small knots as well as vary slightly in structure and shade due to the nature of oak material.

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Newel Caps


235mm x 107mm, 70mm x 35mm, 70mm x 70mm, 85mm x 43mm, 85mm x 85mm, 90mm x 45mm, 90mm x 90mm, 95mm x 48mm, 95mm x 95mm, Sample



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