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Oak Finger Joint Tread Grooved – Essential Range

SKU: AR00464

Elevate your staircase design with our Oak Finger Joint Tread Grooved – Essential Range, where sustainability meets innovation.


Oak Finger Joint Tread Grooved – Essential Range

  • Finger Joint Technology: Merges shorter wood pieces into longer, more durable components, enhancing strength and reducing waste.
  • Grooved Back Design: Specifically engineered for seamless integration with tread extension pieces for larger tread configurations like Landings, Winder Treads, and Kite Treads.
  • Dimensional Stability: Finger-jointed construction offers straightness and stability, making it superior to traditional wood planks.
  • Eco-Conscious Building: By using FSC Certified wood and minimizing waste through finger jointing, this product supports sustainable building practices.
  • Versatile Application: Compatible with the Essential Range, suitable for creating bespoke stair designs including various tread setups.
  • Variation in Color: The natural oak may exhibit color differences, adding uniqueness and character to each tread.
  • Note: The landing tread is not designed to cover the full tread area; please select the correct length from the dropdown menu for your project.

1 x Oak Finger Joint Tread Grooved – Essential Range – 270mm x 20mm – various lengths (please select from the drop-down menu).

Introducing our Oak Finger Joint Tread Grooved – Essential Range, a pinnacle of craftsmanship and sustainability designed to elevate your stairway projects. Each tread is crafted from FSC Certified oak, ensuring that the wood has been sourced following the highest environmental and social standards. This certification guarantees that our products contribute to the preservation of the world’s forests, aligning with your commitment to eco-conscious building practices.

Our treads utilize finger joint technology, a sophisticated woodworking method that merges short segments of wood into longer, more durable pieces. This technique not only maximizes the strength and uniformity of the treads but also significantly reduces waste by utilizing smaller wood pieces. Finger-jointed wood is renowned for its straightness and dimensional stability, offering a superior alternative to traditional wood planks. Although finger jointing can lead to variations in color, particularly in oak, this uniqueness adds character and warmth to your finished staircase.

A distinguishing feature of our Oak Finger Joint Tread Grooved is its grooved back design, specifically engineered to seamlessly integrate with tread extension pieces. This innovative detail enables the construction of larger, more complex tread configurations such as Landings, Winder Treads, Kite Treads, and more, providing unparalleled flexibility in design. Whether you’re crafting a simple staircase or an elaborate, custom layout, our treads offer the versatility and quality you need.


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