A/BC Grade – Solid European Oak Panels 20mm

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900mm ( 0.9m )900mm ( 0.9m )1000mm (1 m )1000mm (1 m )1300mm ( 1.3m )1300mm ( 1.3m )2000mm ( 2m )2000mm ( 2m )

1 x Oak Panels Boards – various lengths x 650 x 20mm

This is a commercial board and all sides will need trimming.

• A/BC GRADE Quality – Edge-glued Panel – Solid Oak Wood

• EDGE GLUED PANELS – edge glued using staves from 40-90mm wide which run the full length of the panel and are glued to each other by 2 sides.

• A/BC – QUALITY GRADE. A – means that one side of the wood panel is clean, without any defects. Allowed only small live knots.

Has a uniform colour and texture of wood. Free from sapwood and technical errors. Well balanced pattern of lamellas.

• BC – means that the reverse of the panel is of light character/rustic grade. allows for different changes in wood colour and texture.

• DESIGNED FOR – furniture, cabinets, flooring, wine caskets, boats, barrels, kitchenware, wardrobes, worktops, shelving, stair treads.

• The length and the width may vary slightly, the sizes below will be the minimum sizes that you will get.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

20mm ( 2cm )


900mm ( 0.9m ), 1000mm (1 m ), 1300mm ( 1.3m ), 2000mm ( 2m )

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