White Primed Cottage Loaf Handrail with 41mm Spindle Groove

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1800mm ( 1.8m )1800mm ( 1.8m )2400mm ( 2.4m )2400mm ( 2.4m )3600mm ( 3.6m )3600mm ( 3.6m )4200mm ( 4.2m )4200mm ( 4.2m )

The White Primed cottage loaf handrail is part of the White Primed range of modern and traditional stair parts.

The cottage handrail has a 41mm groove, which will allow a 41mm spindle to be fitted into the groove. Infill/spacer comes pre-packed in with the handrail.

Please note the shade of white on our white primed products may vary between products. This is a primed product so is ready to receive a top coat of paint. This item has been primed on a hardwood base such as tulip wood or poplar. We advise that a solvent based topcoat is used with our White Primed products.

Handrail Size: 65mm x 43mm, with 41mm Groove & Infill

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White Primed


1800mm ( 1.8m ), 2400mm ( 2.4m ), 3600mm ( 3.6m ), 4200mm ( 4.2m )

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