Smart LED controller for lighting stairs V5-20

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– Number of outputs lighting: 5-20
– Output voltage 12v,

Function and advantages of the controller:

• Traffic control on the stairs (you go – from “up” to “down”)
• Traffic control on the stairs (you go – from “down” to “up”)
• Traffic control with mutual traffic on the stairs (one person
from “up”  the second person from “down”)
• Mode “step by step”  or “smooth lighting”
• Regulation lighting time of the light (from 0.25 seconds to 5 seconds)
• Regulation blanking time points of light (from 10 seconds to 3 minutes)
• Different modes of operation in standby mode
the mode “everything is off”
the mode – the extreme points of light shine
the mode – all the points of light shine
• Regulation the brightness of light points in standby mode
• Permanent light (with using PS)
• Supports traffic from the landing (with using PS – a permanent light)
• Supports RGB led strips

* Kit is suitable for self-assembly (very easy to install.)
* Driver made us in POLAND with high quality components, which gives almost guarantees a lifelong activity.
* For each controller add guarantees, instructions and a description of the assembly.

Possible modifications to the individual – by a separate valuation

A modern and technologically advanced LED driver is a solution that is perfect for any room. The driver comes from a reputable and proven manufacturer, which gives a 100% guarantee on the quality and functionality of its products. The controller is made of high-class components that ensure trouble-free and trouble-free operation. It is durable, durable, and very easy to install and use. It is provided with a complete and simple instruction, thanks to which we will quickly discover all the secrets of its operation and programming.

DUe to a modern and intelligent controller it is possible to create lighting in virtually any interior. The controller has many programming options, so you can ideally tailor them to your individual needs. Ideally works with other elements of LED lighting, creating a trouble-free system in any interior. One intelligent controller allows you to program lighting in many rooms at the same time. As a result, you do not have to turn on and off the light in any interior separately, it will turn itself on the way you program them. Modern drivers for LED lighting are a completely new quality that will provide the perfect light in the interior in all conditions. The controllers are durable, resistant to mechanical damage and moisture. So you can mount them virtually anywhere.

Weight 240 g
Dimensions 145 × 90 × 65 mm
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