Pilot – 4 Zone Controllers RGBW to MILIGHT – FUT096

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Technical specifications and capabilities of the remote control:

– Communication radio waves with a frequency of 2.4 GHz
– Compatible with RGB and RGBW controllers companies MILIGHT
– Ability to control several-dozen controllers
– Ability to control 4 zones independently or simultaneously
– 11 Buttons
– Operating temperature: -20 to 60 ° C
– Operating Humidity: 30% – 85%
– Pilot Dimensions: 110x52x21 mm
– Weight remote control: approx. 49g (without batteries)

The possibility of pilot programs:
1. ON / OFF controller
2. Colour palette, select the color of light and smooth color change
4. Smooth brightness, reduced-increasing
5. Change the color of lighting program (several programs static light and smooth change of color)
8. Increase the rate of change of color
9. Reduce the rate of change of color

The four-zone RGBW remote control for Milight controllers is an excellent class device that allows you to easily operate controllers cooperating with LED lighting. It is simple to use, functional and reliable. The remote control comes from a reputable and proven manufacturer, it is made of excellent quality components, which guarantees trouble-free service. It can be perfectly adapted to individual needs and to a specific lighting system. Works flawless regardless of external conditions. It is available with a comprehensive instruction manual, thanks to which you can quickly get acquainted with all its possibilities and functionalities.

Due to functional remote controls, it is possible to create lighting in the interior or in the whole building, without switching on and off the light every time we stay in the room. The remote memorises the programmed settings, so there is no need to set them each time. Modern LED lighting and devices that improve its work is a solution that will be perfect not only in residential interiors, but also in utility, industrial or warehouse buildings. It works efficiently regardless of the weather or interior conditions, it works everywhere where traditional light sources are not able to cope with good lighting of difficult surfaces. A good and convenient to use remote control is the perfect complement to the lighting system.

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