Oak Tread Extension With Wooden Joint To Fit

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900mm ( 0.9m )900mm ( 0.9m )1000mm (1 m )1000mm (1 m )1300mm ( 1.3m )1300mm ( 1.3m )2000mm ( 2m )2000mm ( 2m )SampleSample
100mm ( 10cm )100mm ( 10cm )250mm ( 25cm )250mm ( 25cm )

Oak Tread Extension for Staircase Steps Cladding System (20mm)!

Create your bespoke tread setups including Landings, Winder Treads, Kite Treads, etc. using the below elements:

1 x Oak Extension with double-sided groove for foreign pen connection and wooden joint to fit.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Stair Parts

Cladding, Tread


900mm ( 0.9m ), 1000mm (1 m ), 1300mm ( 1.3m ), 2000mm ( 2m ), Sample


100mm ( 10cm ), 250mm ( 25cm )

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