Oak Newel Post Cladding Set to Fit Various Newel Sizes and Lengths

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1200mm ( 1.2m )1200mm ( 1.2m )2400mm ( 2.4m )2400mm ( 2.4m )SampleSample
235mm x 107mm235mm x 107mm70mm x 35mm70mm x 35mm70mm x 70mm70mm x 70mm85mm x 43mm85mm x 43mm85mm x 85mm85mm x 85mm90mm x 45mm90mm x 45mm90mm x 90mm90mm x 90mm95mm x 48mm95mm x 48mm95mm x 95mm95mm x 95mmSampleSample

Oak Newel Post Cladding Set to Fit Various Newel Sizes and Lengths

Upgrade your existing stairs using our high-quality oak newel cladding set.

Our oak newel cladding set gives your old newel post a completely new modern look.   And to top it up it’s very easy to install so whether you are a DIY geek or an experienced joiner – YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

Available to fit a variety of different sizes of existing newel posts:

Existing post size Post size after cladding
70 x 70mm 94 x 94mm
85 x 85mm 109 x 109mm
90 x 90mm 114 x 114mm
95 x 95mm

Double size Newel up to 235 x 107mm

119 x 119mm

250 x 120mm

Our set is quick and easy to install and can be added to almost any standard staircase creating the impression of a solid oak staircase.

All elements of this kit are supplied unfinished.

Our Newel Post Cladding Set contains the below elements:

4 x oak veneered cladding lengths (sizes depend on the option chosen from the drop-down menu)

1 x solid oak square flat newel cap to fit the selected size

4 x solid oak corner beadings 20 x 20mm


Newel Cap:

Size supplied to suit the new newel post dimensions.

Newel Cladding:

Various – dependant on chosen size

Each length of cladding is 6mm thick, made of A-grade oak veneered MDF to both sides. This adds an additional 24mm onto the overall dimensions of the newel post, creating a substantial post.  Please note the size is measured on the edge of cladded newel and includes the thickness of the corner beading.

Please note the oak elements are untreated and will require lacquering/oiling.

Our white primed elements may vary in shade slightly and will require the final coat of paint.

Wooden elements may contain small knots as well as vary slightly in structure and shade due to the nature of oak material.

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Stair Parts

Newel Posts


1200mm ( 1.2m ), 2400mm ( 2.4m ), Sample


235mm x 107mm, 70mm x 35mm, 70mm x 70mm, 85mm x 43mm, 85mm x 85mm, 90mm x 45mm, 90mm x 90mm, 95mm x 48mm, 95mm x 95mm, Sample



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