Controller RGBW – MiLight – FUT038

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Technical Parameters Controller

– The frequency of communication with the controller: 2.4 Ghz !!!
– Supports Wi-Fi: Yes – if you only buy WIFI adapter *
– Control the phone / Smartphone’m – Tablet: YES – if you only buy WIFI adapter * and uploading the appropriate application on Android or iOS (Apple) **
– Memory of the last program / setting: YES
– Operating temperature: -20 to 60 ° C
– Input voltage: DC 12-24V
– Maximum output current: 24A (6A per channel color)
– Power output: 288 W max
– DC Power Type: Socket Connector twisted or 5,5×2,1 mm
– Operating Humidity: 30% – 85%
– Connection to strip RGBW: by 5-wire cable – twisted ankle
– Controller Dimensions: 86x46x23 mm (D, S, W)
– Controller Weight: approx. 45g
– Power consumption vigil controller: <1W
– Connection to strip RGBW: 5 channels (Red, Green, Blue, White, V +).

High quality RGBW controller for Milight lighting is a product that enables efficient management of the entire lighting system in an apartment, office or production room. It is easy to use and program, so it can be easily set to such parameters that will suit the individual needs of users. The driver comes from a reputable manufacturer that gives a 100% guarantee on its products. Works flawless regardless of external conditions, it can also be mounted without problems in the selected location. The controller is durable and resistant to mechanical damage and weather conditions. It can also be used for programming outdoor lighting in more difficult conditions.

The modern controller is the perfect complement to the LED lighting system, which will improve the lighting in any interior. It has many programs and functionalities that can be tailored to individual needs. LED drivers are a perfect complement to LED lighting, which works well where traditional light sources can not cope. Led lighting is trouble-free, functional and long-lasting. In combination with a properly selected driver, it allows you to create interior with light and create unique lighting effects that can be changed and programmed depending on your needs or mood.

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