5m LED STRIP 3528 – cool white

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5m LED STRIP 3528 300 led/5m waterproof – cool white

 LED strips – a modern solution capable of lighting advertising, furniture, shop windows and decorative lighting and utility rooms. LED strips offer minimal power consumption while providing high performance light. The small size combined with flexibility allows its use PCB where other light sources do not permit their assembly, or is difficult. The use of LED strip leaves only limited by your imagination. 

Products offered by RESTAN feature – the highest quality of workmanship, found thanks to the recognition of the various embodiments where the investor require reliability and durability of LED lighting. LED strip production is monitored at every stage – from purchasing the highest quality components in the packaging process. This attention to detail ensures its reliable operation for many years.Components for each tape led to: the highest quality LEDs, PCB laminate tested, selected resistors. Yes precise selection of components allows you to ensure uninterrupted operation LED strips for many years. Each roll of tape led a process of thorough quality control, ensuring our customers receive the highest quality merchandise. Highest quality LED strip is confirmed by a 2 year warranty.

Dimensions Width 8 x thickness of 2.9 [mm]
Power supply 12 V DC
 Power Consumption 2A/5m (0,4A/m)
Power 24W/5m (4,8W/m)
Type of applied LED SMD 3528
LED qty 300
LED viewing angle 120 degree
Ability to cut LED strip  marked cutting line every 3 LEDs
Mouting a flexible laminate (white)
MOuting M adhesive tape placed at mid-life
Life 30 000 – 50 000 hours


Weight 180 g
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 15 mm
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